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Sony Camera Robot Loves to Party

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009


Sony has introduced a camera robot that sits quietly on a table during a party and takes great pictures of partygoers. The Party Shot is a Sony camera dock that can tilt and zoom a mounted camera, seeking out party goers using motion detection. The built-in face detection feature of Sony Cybershots cameras then zooms in on partygoer faces. Once a face is found, the camera will wait until it detects a smile before clicking the shutter. The Party Shot will also compose photos using the “rule of thirds.” Since candid party pictures are known to often be out of focus and full of fake smiles, the Party Shot promises to be a welcome guest at any party. Two AA batteries or an AC adaptor may be used to power the Party Shot. The Party Shot is priced at about $150.

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Palm’s Pre 3G Touchscreen Smartphone

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009


The new Palm Pre 3G smartphone was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The 3.1 inch display has the same 320×480 screen resolution as the iPhone and like the iPhone supports touchscreen gestures for operations such as clearing the screen and closing an application. The Pre supports Wi-Fi, like the iPhone. A GPS is also included. The Synergy feature allows you to combine data from Microsoft Outlook, Google and Facebook to create one logical view of your day. Apps designed for the Palm webOS are integrated with other apps on the phone. The Palm Pre is offered exclusively by Sprint.

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Secure Online Shopping with SmartSwipe

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009


Credit: NetSecure Technologies

Do you feel nervous about entering credit card information at your keyboard when shopping online? Or maybe you’re just getting tired of typing in all those numbers. Now there’s SmartSwipe from NetSecure Technologies. This credit card reader attaches to your USB port and allows you to swipe your credit card instead of entering your number the old way. An added bonus of the SmartSwipe it gives you another layer of security, since the credit card number is encrypted before being transferred to your computer. This plug and play device works with all major credit cards and is compatible with Window XP or Vista. Secure online purchases are just a swipe away with SmartSwipe.

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Supersized Kindle DX

Thursday, July 09th, 2009


Yet another Kindle model has been introduced by Amazon. The Kindle 2 was launched on February 9, with a 6-inch screen (roughly the size of a mass-market paperbook). The new Kindle DX has a 9.7 inch screen. According to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, the DX is perfect for college students reading textbooks and business professionals reading documents. The DX has a built-in PDF reader, allowing readers to access the thousands of volumes available on Google Books. With a weight of 19 ounces, the DX is engineered to not feel big and bulky. The thing that is big is the cost — at $490, it’s the costliest Kindle to date.

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Honeywell Touchscreen Thermostat

Wednesday, July 01st, 2009


The Honeywell Prestige touchscreen thermostat has an intuitive interface which lets you control all aspects of heating and cooling in your home using a single control panel. The bright touchscreen displays both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity and supports advanced functions like scheduling. Read the full review of the Prestige here.

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