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X-Men: Coming to your iPhone

Friday, October 30th, 2009


ComiXology has announced the release of Marvel comics on the iPhone, available through their free Comics app. The initial release consists of 71 Marvel comics, including X-Men, Captain America, Marvel Zombies and X-23. Each issue is $2 as compared to $3 for the actual comic book versions. Read more about it at the comicXology website:

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DROIDs from Outer Space

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Credit: CNET

Credit: CNET

The highly-anticipated Motorola DROID is schedule to be released November 6. A mysterious commercial depicts a series of UFOs crashing to earth in scenes reminiscent of old-school science fiction movies. The ad gives no hint about any of the features of the new Android phone but it definitely adds to the buzz. See the commercial in this DROID video:

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Free OCR Service

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Have you ever had a page of text such as an old resume or letter that you need in digital form, but your only recourse seemed to be to retype it? Now there’s an online solution called Online OCR (for “optical character recognition”) that can turn an image of a printed page into fully editable digital text. You start by uploading an image in one of the supported formats, which include JPT, PDF and TIFF. Documents up to 1 MB and 5 pages long can be converted without creating an account.   If you create a free account, you can  purchase credits for longer and more advanced conversions, and you can preserve the layout of your original document. Supported output formats for your converted document include Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel, HTML, RTF or TXT. You can find out more at the Online OCR website.

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Gadgets Live on in Olympic Medals

Saturday, October 03rd, 2009


The Olympic medals for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games will have a unique design and be made from an unusual material. The gold, silver and bronze medals will be made from metal salvaged from tech gadgets like keyboards, computers and televisions. A company named Teck Resources is recovering the metal from components such as circuit boards and cathode ray tubes. Several hundred medals are being produced for the games, and they will also be unusual for their design, which will feature modern Aborigine artwork and a wavy rather than flat surface. Find out more about the medals on the Vancouver 2010 website.

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