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Magellan GPS for Geocachers

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Magellan has introduced a new GPS device for outdoor adventurers who enjoy geocaching. The Magellan eXplorist GC is a treasure-hunting gadget for geocachers. The eXplorist GC features a color screen, geocaching graphics and easy-to-navigate menus. It come with several of the most popular geocaches in the world preloaded.

Other helpful functions include a worldwide base map, trip odometer and waypoint creation tools. The $200 purchase price includes a 30-day free trial membership to

If you have no clue what geocaching is: watch this series about geocaching on youtube:

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The Solar Pebble: Light for Africa and Power for the World

Sunday, April 04th, 2010

The LED Solar Pebble is a new multi-functional, solar powered device developed by Plus Minus Solar. The Solar Pebble is a sustainable light source that can be used in developing areas such as Africa. In developed nations, it can function as an eco-friendly charger for smartphones, MP3 players and other mobile devices. The Solar Pebble requires no batteries or electricity and generates its own power from its built-in small solar panel. The production costs of the Solar Pebble are low enough that it could be distributed as a humanitarian product, possibly using profits from its sales in developed countries.

Look for the Solar Pebble release in June of 2010.

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