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Microsoft Unveils Redesigned Xbox 360 Controller

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

The newly designed Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft features a sleek silver and black finish. The controller’s D-pad converts into either a flat or raised configuration with a simple twist of the wrist, satisfying two different camps of gamers.

Read the more about the new controller in this PC World article. You can also see the controller in action in this YouTube video:

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KeyCase iPad Case with Built-in Keyboard

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

This new leather case for the iPad will provide some of the convenience of a netbook.  The folio-style case from KeyCase has a built-in Bluetooth keyboard and can flip into 3 different configurations, including the propped setup shown here.  The keyboard can also be removed when you want to lighten the load.

If you’re looking for a more compact solution, Apple makes a compact Bluetooth keyboard that you can stash in a backpack or bag.   And then there’s the built-in keyboard on the iPad, which many users prefer to an external keyboard.  Isn’t it great to have options!

The KeyCase iPad Folio with integrated Bluetooth keyboard is available at

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The Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

The Livescribe Echo smartpen is the perfect lecture tool for students, capturing audio and providing the ability to link it to written notes.   The Echo Pen  allows captured audio and written notes to be upload to a PC or Mac computer, where they can be filed and searched according to key words.  Students can also share their notes by attaching a pencast file to an email.  The pencast file, which consists of both images and audio, can be played back on any computer.

The Echo smartpen comes in 4GB (400 audio hours) and 8GB (800 audio hours) models.  Their available at BestBuy for $169.95 and $199.95. 

To see the Livescribe Echo Pen in action, check out the YouTube video below and / or visit the Livescribe website:

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New Bike Sharing App

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

New York City will see the introduction of a new bike sharing system this fall that uses an iPhone app to help users location a bike.  Social Bicycles will provide bikes equipped with GPS devices locked to one of the wheels.  Members of the Social Bicycles network can borrow a bike, ride it to their location, then drop it off.  When a bike is not in use, it can be located via the GPS and iPhone app. 

The best part of this new bike sharing system is that bikes can be parked and locked just about anywhere, eliminating the need for special docking stations.  Read more about the Social Bicycles program on CrunchGear.

Read about other useful apps for daily living here.

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