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The Androd Droid

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The Android OS has a new mascot — a real 4 foot tall walking robot.  RT Corporation and Brilliant Service of Japan have created a humanoid robot named RIC, which made its debut at Google Developer Day 2010 in Tokyo.  The Android droid is controlled via Wi-Fi with an Android cellphone or tablet.  Besides walking, RIC can swing its arms and open the top of its head to show its brains.

RT Corporation was responsible for the robot design and implementation, while Brilliant developed the controlling software.  You can see the Adroid robot on the Robot-Dreams website.  This YouTube video shows a demo of the robot in action:

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Marco Helps You Find Your Friends

Friday, September 24th, 2010

If you’ve ever tried to use your cell phone to locate a friend in a crowd, you know that it can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.  Now there’s a free new iPhone app named Marco that provides real-time graphic updates on the location of 2 people.  You can share your location with any phone that’s equipped with a browser, so both people don’t need to have an iPhone.  You can find Marco in the Apple App Store under the name “Marco Friend Locator.”

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Innergie mCube Pro Universal Adapter

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Anyone who uses a rechargeable gadget will sooner or later find themselves with a drained battery and no power adapter at hand.  Enter the Innergie mCube Pro, a lightweight universal adapter that can change a wide range of devices on the ground, in your car or in the air.  Innergie’s adapter will work with most laptops, or Innergie will send out a connection for any laptop that doesn’t work.  The mCube Pro also includes a USB port that will charge a variety of MP3 players, cell phones, GPS units, e-book readers and other gadgets.  An added bonus is that Innergie’s mCube Pro is energy efficient and has earned an Energy Star certification.

Find out more at the Innergie website.  Innergie is the consumer brand name for Delta Electronics, the producer of 80% of the world’s power adapters for laptops, netbooks and other portable electronic devices.

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IFA Best of Show: Samsung Galaxy Tab

Wednesday, September 08th, 2010

As the IFA tech tradeshow winds down in Berlin, one of the clear standouts at the show was the Samsung Galaxy Tab, an Android tablet phone. The Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch tablet that is positioned to compete with the iPad.

For a side-by-side comparison of the Galaxy Tab and the iPad, check out the comparison chart at PCWorld. To summarize the differences — the Galaxy Tab is smaller and lighter and supports up to 32GB of expandable storage. In addition, while the iPad is without a built-in camera, the Galaxy Tab has both front and rear-facing cameras. And of course the Galaxy Tab has smartphone capabilities.

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