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Google TV

Monday, November 15th, 2010

If you find yourself getting up from watching TV to go look something up with Google on your computer, then Google TV could be your next tech must-have.  Google is combining Android, Chrome and Flash with hardware from Sony and Logitech to create a new interactive television experience.  According to Google, these are some of the things you’ll able to do:

  • Search for television shows using a Google search interface.
  • Access web content on your television, including videos, games and social networks sites.
  • Run Android apps on your television.
  • Use your iPhone or Anroid phone as a TV remote control.
  • Access thousands of movies and shows from Netflix and Amazon on Demand.
  • Watch TV and browse the web simultaneously.

  • Before you run out and buy Google TV, read a detailed review on Engadget.  You can find out more about Google TV’s features on the Google TV website.

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    Cool Tech Gifts – Part 3

    Monday, November 08th, 2010

    The third installment in our series on cool tech gifts is from Desk Pets International, maker of unique toys for the kid inside of every office work.  Their latest offering, Trekbot, is an interactive hubless micro-robot that you can race around your desktop.  A USB-powered remote control directs Trekbot to turn, flip and perform headstands.  Once charged for 30 minutes via the USB, the Trekbot will provide 15 minutes of boredom-killing entertainment.

    Trekbot has offered just in time for holiday gift giving.  When you see it in action in this YouTube video, we think you’ll agree it just could be the perfect stocking stuffer for office workers:

    Desk Pets also offers mini-robotic cockroaches called Skitterbots.

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