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India’s $35 Aakash Android Tablet

Friday, October 28th, 2011

At around the same time that Amazon put its Kindle Fire on the market for $199, the Indian government was preparing to unveil the $35 Aakash Android Tablet.  The goal of this super-low priced device is to put a tablet computing into the hands of more students.  The devise (whose name means “sky” in Hindi) was developed by a U.K. company named DataWind and produced entirely in India.  The cost of the 7-inch tablet is $60, with the Indian government subsidizing almost half the price of each tablet.  Even so, this is the world’s cheapest Android device.

The Indian government expects to distribute between 10 and 12 million tablets by the end of 2012.  Read more about the Aakash Android tablet, including the results of hand-on testing, at the VentureBeat website.

You can also see an impressive Aakash demo in this YouTube video.

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UltraViolet Online Digital Library

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Many people have a variety of different gadgets that they use to watch movies.  Until now, they had to buy multiple copies of the same movie if that wanted to watch it on different gadgets.  Now a new service called UltraViolet promises to save these people money and make their lives easier.  This cloud-based service acts as a kind of digital locker, keeping track of movie purchases and allowing them to download copies onto smartphones, laptops and other devices.

Several years of negotiations between Hollywood studios, gadget makers and retailers were required before UltraViolet could get off the ground.  There are currently a limited set of support gadgets and movies available, but the movie library is expected to grow over the next few months.  Read more details about UltraViolet in this Wall Street Journal article or visit the official UltraViolet website.

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Real Racing Party Play

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Real Racing is about to introduce an exciting new feature called “Party Play” that lets up to 4 players compete with each other on their iOS devices.  Using AirPlay, each player’s view can be combined in a single split screen image and viewed on a TV.

Most gamers agree that Real Racing 2 is one of the most realistic racing apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Find out more about the Real Racing 2 Party Play update on the Firemint website.

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Nikon J1 Camera

Friday, October 07th, 2011

Nikon’s new J1 camera combines the interchangeable lenses of a pro-style DSLR with the compact size and ease of use of a point-and-shoot.  The J1 features integrated auto-focus that’s amazingly fast and one-touch full HD video recording – you can even take pictures while recording video.  Fast moving action is captured with perfect clarity thanks to the J1’s 73 point AF array.  There’s also a Motion Snapshot feature that taking a quick series of pictures with a single click.

A variety of NIKKOR lenses are designed for fast and easy swapping.  Find out more about the Nikon J1 and NIKKOR lenses on the official Nikon website.

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