Google TV

If you find yourself getting up from watching TV to go look something up with Google on your computer, then Google TV could be your next tech must-have.  Google is combining Android, Chrome and Flash with hardware from Sony and Logitech to create a new interactive television experience.  According to Google, these are some of the things you’ll able to do:

  • Search for television shows using a Google search interface.
  • Access web content on your television, including videos, games and social networks sites.
  • Run Android apps on your television.
  • Use your iPhone or Anroid phone as a TV remote control.
  • Access thousands of movies and shows from Netflix and Amazon on Demand.
  • Watch TV and browse the web simultaneously.

  • Before you run out and buy Google TV, read a detailed review on Engadget.  You can find out more about Google TV’s features on the Google TV website.

    Date: Monday, November 15th, 2010
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