Microsoft Unveils Redesigned Xbox 360 Controller

The newly designed Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft features a sleek silver and black finish. The controller’s D-pad converts into either a flat or raised configuration with a simple twist of the wrist, satisfying two different camps of gamers.

Read the more about the new controller in this PC World article. You can also see the controller in action in this YouTube video:

Date: Tuesday, August 31st, 2010
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    My initial thought was, “Why change the green, blue, yellow and red scheme of the face buttons?”. Turns out this is a controller aimed at the more hardcore segment of the Xbox’s userbase. If you’ve been gaming on the Xbox this long already, chances are you don’t look down at the face buttons too often or rely on their color coding.

    The real change, of course, is the transforming d-pad. Gripping the edges of the d-pad and twisting it clockwise will cause the 4 corners to recede into the controller, providing a much more pronounced separation between up, down, left and right. It takes a little effort to actually accomplish this, but at least you’ll know it’ll never slip during gameplay. Frankly, I’m not quite sure why they bothered with the transforming design instead of having the corners permanently receded, but it works.

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