Mindflex Game uses Mind over Matter


Here’s a gift idea for the whole family. The Mattel Mindflex game uses players’ brain waves to levitate a foam ball, which can then be moved through an obstacle course. A player puts on a headset and then uses powers of concentration to raise the ball. A dial is used to move the obstacle course, requiring the player to raise and lower by alternating concentration and relaxation, causing the ball to pass over, under and through different obstacles.  A jet stream of air keeps the ball afloat, but brain waves are required to initially raise and lower it. The headset works by measuring brain activity in the left frontal lobe. The instruction manual that comes with the game provides information on different techniques to both focus and relax your brain. You can get this game for about $150 on Amazon – just click here.

Date: Monday, November 23rd, 2009
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