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Max OS X Lion is Worth the Upgrade

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion, the latest release of Apple’s popular Mac operating system, is now available in the Mac App Store.  At $29.99, reviewers are unanimously agreeing that this upgrade is well worth the money (though users are advised that later updates may be more reliable). The software includes more than 250 new features that Apple promises will “change the way you use a computer.”

Highlights of the Lion release include:

  • Multi-tough gestures
  • Support for full-screen apps
  • Updated versions of standard apps
  • Read more about OS X Lion on the Apple website.

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    Sale Date for Apple iPad

    Friday, February 19th, 2010

    Since Apple announced its new iPad tablet device earlier this year, rumors have been swirling about when it will officially go on sale. The latest rumors are saying that March 26 will be the first date that the Apple iPad will be availabe in the Apple Store. According to Apple, the iPad without 3G will begin shipping in late March, with the iPad 3G version coming out 30 days later.

    The iPad is expected to compete with Amazon’s Kindle in the e-book market.  It will also run apps for the iTunes App Store, like the iPhone Touch.  The iPad will play music and video with its built-in iPod.

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    iFart App for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Monday, November 30th, 2009


    As Apple says, “there’s an app for that.”  One of the most popular downloads in the iTunes app store is iFart.  Then name says it all – this prank app is a digital sound machine that’s sure to embarrass anyone who hears it.  Check out the YouTube video of Kathie Lee and Hoda trying out iFart Mobile.  This is lots funnier than their SNL counterparts, especially when Kathie Lee says, “That starts my day so happy.  I love that!”

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