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MTV Explains the Internet

Wednesday, August 03rd, 2011

Just a few short years ago, despite having 10 million users, the Internet was thought by many to be some kind of passing fad. In 1995, MTV News devoted a quick 4-minute segment to the World Wide Web, comparing it to the CB radio craze of the 1970s. The segment includes commentary from Sandra Bullock (who starred in a movie called The Net), Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Matthews and Moby. You can take a walk down memory lane by checking out the vintage video on YouTube.

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Facebook Tops the 300 Million Mark

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009


This month, Facebook announced that it now has 300 million users and is generating enough revenue to cover its costs. That makes Facebook the largest social networking site on the Internet. Analysts say this could lead to an initial public offering in the near future, though CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not committing to that happening anytime soon. Facebook was born in a Harvard dorm room 5 years ago and has now grown into one of the top Internet destinations, with membership tripling in the past year alone. Zuckerberg says the company is now exploring ways to boost performance and handle additional membership growth.

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