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Is New Windows 8 Logo a Window or a Flag?

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Microsoft has announced the new logo for Windows 8, which is composed of a white cross on a blue background.  Microsoft’s goal was to return to the window concept. Many thought the current four color logo resembled a flag, not to mention that its use of primary colors made it similar to the Chrome logo.  However, there are already comments on the Web about the new logo resembling the Nordic cross flag or a Scottish flag (which used the same colors with an X shape rather than a cross). 

Read more about the new Windows 8 logo design on ReadWriteWeb.

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Bill Buxton’s Museum of Old Gadgets

Monday, June 06th, 2011

We are currently living through a gadget revolution, with increasingly powerful mobile devices and touch screens providing new forms of human-computer interaction. Although it may seem like today’s tablets, smartphones and e-book readers are entirely new inventions, the fact is they evolved from earlier technology that was often ahead of its time.

A Microsoft research scientist named Bill Buxton has amassed a collection of vintage gadgets that serves as a fascinating reminder of where many of our newest gadgets originated.  Pictured here on the left is a transistor radio designed by Dieter Rahms in 1958. It’s sleek, functional design and innovate scroll wheel was the inspiration for several generations of the iPod (seen on the right).

Read more about Bill Buxton’s old gadget collection on the Atlantic Monthly website.

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MyFord Touch

Thursday, January 07th, 2010

Ford previewed its new MyFord Touch at the recent CES 2010 electronics show. Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, the MyFord Touch system is built around a central 8-inch LCD touch screen. Bluetooth enabled devices can be plugged into the car speakers and USB drives allow additional types of media to be connected. Two additional 4.2-inch LDS screen are placed on either side of the speedometer and display information incuding engine RPMs and incoming caller id phone numbers. The Touch also controls ambient lighting. The driver can control the Touch via voice, touch or a steering-wheel mounted controller. Name a song and the Touch will find it and play it.

MyFord Touch is planned to appear in the 2011 Ford Edge and 2012 Ford Focus. Find out more on the Ford website.

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