The Androd Droid

The Android OS has a new mascot — a real 4 foot tall walking robot.  RT Corporation and Brilliant Service of Japan have created a humanoid robot named RIC, which made its debut at Google Developer Day 2010 in Tokyo.  The Android droid is controlled via Wi-Fi with an Android cellphone or tablet.  Besides walking, RIC can swing its arms and open the top of its head to show its brains.

RT Corporation was responsible for the robot design and implementation, while Brilliant developed the controlling software.  You can see the Adroid robot on the Robot-Dreams website.  This YouTube video shows a demo of the robot in action:

Date: Thursday, September 30th, 2010
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    […] without saying that the people of Japan love robots.  At a recent Google Developer Day event, the Android Droid Robot was a popular attraction. Share and Enjoy: Tags » Android, Android Droid Robot, Ceatec, […]

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    Does it talk about key features of the Android OS? Does it hide in the shadows and wait to scare people who aren’t paying attention?We will have to find out. It wouldn’t surprise me if some dedicated fans even bowed down in front of this mascot. Keep an eye out for a video on this monster roaming the streets in Sydney….

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