The Multi-button OOMouse


WarMouse has announced the release of the OOMouse, a multi-button mouse designed to be used with multi-functional applications like Adope Photoshop and Microsoft Office. The patented design of this mouse features 18 buttons and support for customization of up to 52 key commands. The mouse also has an analog joystick. The customizable key commands allow users to limit mouse movement by eliminating the need to move the mouse pointer to an on-screen button or icon to execute a command.

OOMouse comes with default profiles for 5 applications. These profiles can be customized according to individual user preferences. Default profiles for 20 other software applications and games are also provided. Up to 63 profiles can be store in the mouse‚Äôs memory at one time. The mouse will retail for $74.99 — visit the OOMouse website for more information.

Date: Saturday, November 07th, 2009
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